Saturday, December 20, 2008

Orin's Introduction

Hello all, this is the first of hopefully many entries to this page. Soon approaching is my first "gnarly" trip. Im going with my girlfriend Sage and my roommate Clare. Its going to be a 4 month, 6 Country walk through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador. Considering the farthest i have been from home as of now is San Francisco CA for 10 days, all tho very adventures, i had no worries about what laid ahead of me. South America on the other hand may be a bit more of an adventure, and even tho im looking forward to going, there are defiantly somethings have my concerns about. Nothing like the concerns i have heard from some people who haven't left there living room, but i tend to let those "horror" stories in one ear and out the other. Im leaving on or arround the 14th of febuary, and yes i know its the 20th of December (mabie the 21st by the time i finish this) im just at home bored cause both Sage and Clare have already gone to summerland for christmas. So im feeling like in my free time i should be doing something to get ready to go. So here i am setting up this blog. With us leaving in a month and a half things seem to be comming up prety quick i have 1 more month of work then we need to move out of our house in vancouver and get everything packed away for when we come back. I hate moving so much. Come febuary 1st hopefully all will be well and i will be in summerland running arround trying to get stuff figured out to go. So thats whats happening in my life for the time being and im going to try to bring myself to write on this blog every day (or so), while im on the road. Hopefully there will be some neat pictures along the way as well. Later.

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  1. Hello you tentless travellers,

    UPS told me here it would cost close to $400 and would not get there until the 24th. I am thinking you do not want me to send it for that amount.
    Can you try to find one there? You could spend 10 nights in hostels for that amount.
    Let me know.
    How are things besides this mix up?

    Love mom