Friday, May 1, 2009

Copa Copacabana

La Paz was great. We met some great people at our hostel and the hostel next to us. There is Kate, Matt and yet another Matt from New York and Brendon from New Zeland. We all had a great time together on saturday night and sunday. So much fun infact, that we decided on sunday night we would head out to Copacabana with Simon and the others. The bus ride out was only 3 hours but the bus was made for children only and I had to play some musical chairs so I could ferel my ass again.

Copacabana is a wicked little town. Its right on lake Titicaca and the lake goes as far as the eye can see from almost everywhere in town. We rented the intire top floor of a hostel for all 7 of us at a hefty 2 canadian dollars a night including breakfast! Its great, its just a huge room so we are all "camping" in one corner. All of us have been having a blast and eatting a lot of fresh trout. It seems to be quite the staple arround the lake and they sure know how to cook it up. A little hut (number 9) down by the lake was recomended to us and its absolutly out of this world delish. 4 canadian for a whole trout, rice, big thick french frys and its all smothered in a sweet onion, pepper and tomato topping. This will be the reason we may never leave.

We ran into Alex and Catherine (from qubec) randomly on the street and decided to head to Isle de Sol (island of the sun) with them. Being the "hard core" hikers that we are. We decided to do the 17 km hike out of Copacabana threw some small villages to a very small village where we could hire a small boat to take us to the island. As opposed to taking the big boat right from Copacabana. The hike was awesome, it took us through some cool little villages that all seemed to be in the middle of a potato harvest. The women out here are crazy they work so hard and cary HUGE sacs of potatos on there backs wearing little leather shoes and full on dreses!

We got to the village on the island at dark after checking out a Inca ruin that is on the southern tip of the island. Sage and I got quite a start when as soon as we walked into the dark room of the ruin a swallow freaked and bailed out right beside us. The last part of the hike was quite trecherous as we had to gain quite alot of elevation. After some huffing and puffing we finaly found an beautiful hostel with absolutly amazing views of the lake, La Paz mountain and Isle de Luna. Thanks Pam.

We spend most of our time on the island relaxing on the grassy slopes between little terrised fields and donkeys. Donkeys seem to do everything on this island. There are no roads or motorized vehicles of any sort, just donkeys carying everything everywhere. Including water to the top of the hill for everyone to use. Its a very peacefull life on the island with nothing much besides farms. The trout is not as good as Copacabana and the runing packs of sheep are sketchy. All and all a great time.

We grabed the morning ferry back to Copa today, mostly for the trout but also to see if we could meet up with the others before they left. Luckly as we jumped off the boat and headed for number 9 trout hut, all the others were heading to the exact same place. Just wanted to get in one more trout before going back to La Paz. We enjoyed a beauty with them, said our farewells for one more night as we are staying here and meeting them in La Paz tommorow.

It has been a very peacefull last few days spent on the lake. La Paz should be fun for the weekend, then we are heading to Tiwanaco to see some ruins on our way to Puno to meet jordan.
6 more days! Congradulations Mom are all you motorcycling achivements! cant wait to ride with you as soon as I get home.
It for now. Orin

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