Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Puno Peru

La Paz for the second time was awesome. We met up with the crew, and were cruisin with 7 again. This time we were all staying at the same hostel in La Paz so we didnt have to worry about sneaking a few to the rooftop where we spent most of our time. Our friend Matt had to head to Uruguay on his 55 hour bus ride, so we said our farewells to him and sent him off. After Matt left we headed up to the top of the hill to watch a little wrestling! It was prety helarious, basicly it was amature WWF with a few woman tossed in to fight. They put on quite a show. We also went and saw Wolverine the movie! The movie is not up to par in my mind but it was fun to relax and watch a film.

There are thousands of little vans running arround La Paz and most of the populated areas of Bolivia that we have been. Its quite a sight. They just rip arround town, with usualy either a woman or child hanging out one of the windows just yelling where the bus is heading. Even the spanish speakers in the group usualy dont know what they are saying. The first step of getting to Peru is taking one of these buses to Tiwanaku. Tiwanaku is a ruin about 40kms from the Peru border. These ruins were a little lame but still neat to see. I got a few pictures that are posted!

We are traveling into Peru with Simon and Brendon. So the last night we were in La Paz we did a little partying before breaking up the crew. Some stayed out a little later than others and a few (Sage and Brendon) had a little trouble with our travels into Peru. Alot of resting on rocks was need by those two. I like to rub this in.

After Tiwanaku, we grabed another bus to the border. Filled out our little slips of paper, got our stamps and headed to find a bus for Puno. It was dark at this time and the boarder town was getting a little sketchy. Simon is quite the spanish talker and managed to get us the last "four" seats on the bus. Four seats meaning, 3 seats and Orin sitting on the center console, with the driver on my left, the stick shift where my left leg would have liked to have been and two Peruvian women on my right. Luckly it was only 2.5 hours and it wasn´t to to painful.

The bus stations are always in the creepy areas of town for some reason, but we were all exhausted and desided to grab the closest hostel. After seeing the first hostal sign we moved on the the second hostel and went for it. It was prety dirty and shitty but we desided to get some sleep and find a new place in the morning. We went out and got some cash, ate some chicken then went to bed.

This morning we found a beautiful hostel in the nice part of town and are very happy about it. We cruised town and found a terrible place to eat! Simon is extremly cheap and hates spending more than a dollar on anything. We may have to split up for meals since Sage and I like to feel good during and after eatting. We did find the donut shop on our travels, and I very much enjoyed one of them.

Anyway, Jordan and Riley should be in flight as we speak on there way. Sage and I have got a room for all of us and are heading the hour north tommorow morning at 6!!!! to go and pick them up. I cant believe that they are here already, this means we have a mere 6 weeks left of slacking off. All tho we are so pumped to see some fimiliar faces indeed.
Hope you all are enjoying spring.

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