Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cuzco Peru.

Jordan and Riley arrived safely and on time. The only set back was that the airline lost Jordans bag. I dremt that that had happened and some how it came true. He was smart tho and carried on what he needed to survive, money, a few magazines and his camera equipment. He was looking very sharp in the new alpaca sweater that he bought at the airport to try to stay warm. Riley got in about half an hour after Jordan and we jumped on a bus for Puno.

Puno is not the greatest place to be. Bolivia definatly got the nice side of lake Titicaca and puno got a dirty shore line littered with all sorts of crap and not a trout stand as far as the eye could see. Luckly Jordans bag was supposed to be in Juliaca the following day so we could pick it up on our way to Cuzco. Of course when we got there the guy had no idea what was going on a was not in the mood to help out much. He had the nerve that when we asked him a question he responded with "im working and your going to have to wait". This realy pissed me off so I went and sat down. We realy didnt get anything done at this stop except we told him that if the bag came to Juliaca that they need to send it to Cuzco where we were going to be.

We thought that Puno was a dump but its got nothing on Juliaca. What a dive, we were lucky to only have to spend a few hours there while we waited for our bus, but a few hours was a few to many. The dirtyest town we have been to yet on the trip. Smelled like there must have been a pig farm right in the city center and there were troffs (sp?) of god knows what kinda goo running all over town. One positive side of Juliaca is that Jordan got ahold of someone on the phone who had seen his bag a few hours ago and personaly put it on the plane to Lima where it was going to get transfered to Cuzco!!!!! Apparently his bag was still in L.A!!!!

The bus ride from Juliaca to Cuzco was great. It was night wich was a little lame since the mountains were spectacular, but thankfully it was a clear night with a big moon so we could see a little. Steep snowcaped peaks were everywhere on both sides of the road. The best part was that when it was time to sleep I headed for the back of the bus with my sleeping bag and pillow and sprawled out over 4 empty seats. I didnt get a whole lot of sleeping done due to the driver being in some sort of un sanctioned rally race but it was definatly the most comfortable I have ever been on a bus.

We got a wicked hostel in Cusco about 5 minuates from the central plazas. Its got the nicest shower I have had since I left home, Cable tv in the room (nice to watch some movies and relax), and a nice kitchen upstairs on the roof that we have made a few great meals in. At the market we can get all the fixins for a wicked stirfry and rice for about 40 canadian cents per person!!!!

Cuzco as "touristy" as it is had been alot of fun. Its nice to be in a beautiful clean city with lots of stuff going on and no reason to ever feel thretened. You can even walk arround here with the camera hanging arround your neck with no worries. Today we went a checked out some of the cathedrals arround town. They definatly know how to build them down here as they are the most amazing works of art I have ever seen. No idea how they could ever build something like that without the use of at least a trusty forklift.

Well we are heading up to Aguas Calientas tommorow morning at 7 to stay the night then the next day we head to Machu Pichu for sunrise till sun set!!! We are all realy pumped to finaly be going to see it in person so we can say "i've been there" when we see all the pictures EVERYWHERE.

Im sure there will be a wack of pictures to come within the next few days.

It for now. Orin

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