Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beachin It

Well yesterday morning started out to be another terrible day south of the equator. We were woke by ¨the devil¨ a.k.a the maid screaming at us in spanish, again I believe for the thrid time. No idea what she wants from us but knowone else seems to be concerened, so we ignored her. We wanted to get a wash done and there were laundry flyers in the hostel. I asked the man behind the counter were it was, and off we went. After some walking, the address on the flyer says it should be right infront of us.... nothing was there, great. It was realy hot and this was just another thing gone wrong. So feeling a little down we both seemed to remember seeing another place right by the hostel, so we wandered and wandered and atlast there it was. So we got our laundry dropped of and headded for the beach.

We made a stop at Ta-Ta and got some groceries and beers for our day at the beach, jumped in a cab and were off. When we got there we rented an umbrella from a man for 2.50 for the day. We then lathered the sunscreen on and just relaxed, very nice indeed. When we got back to the hostel Sage noticed a bright red spot about the size of half a sheet of paper on her hip. Whoops guess we missed a spot! Its quite helarious and looks like a spot on the side of a cow. When i laid down i noticed that my back was quite tender. ¨Sage did you put any sun screen on my back¨ I said. ¨I dont think so¨ she replied. Well my back is now quite burnt, and very itchy. Luckly we have a big bottle of aloe and arnt feeling the effects to badly.

Last night we went to the Carnaval celibrations down at the band shell right by the beach. It was quite a performance with singing and dancing and apperently some comedy that Sage and I didnt understand, but the crowds seemed to like it. It appeared to be a judged event with each group getting 45 minuates on the clock to do a perfomance. There where about 10 mics scattered across the stage and they just danced arround and sang into whatever mic was closest. We cabbed back to the hostel and went off to bed.

This morning we just picked up out laundry and now are at the internet place catching up on a few things and trying to figure out were to go next. I hope things are well for everyone in Canada. Talk to you soon. Later

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