Monday, February 23, 2009

sorry its been so long...

Well i finaly seemed to find some time to be able to blog. The hostel we are staying at for now only has one computer and its hard to get some time on it. Were to I even begin. Well Buenos Aires as I saw it was a bit of a bust. To big a city for me and just full of garbage and smog. We walked out to what we thought was the ocean (turned out to be a river) and looking back on the city it had a dence yellow fog above. This may have been why we were feeling so sick, not to mention that EVERYONE smokes. So we continued to hang arround a little and didnt realy get up to much. Messed arround with the tent situation wich im glad to hear is on the way!!! thanks mom. We had a realy good lunch with a man who took realy good care of us and lifted our spirits a bit on the city. As soon as we walked into his resturant he shut the door behind us and cranked on the AC. Considering it was smoldering out, that felt fantastic. He sat us down on some nice leather coutches and got us bugers and drinks. After we were done eating he came over and started chatting. Mostly with sage but I could throw a word in here and there. He grabed the newspaper and went through the whole thing with us, informing us of thing happening in Argentina. On the back there was a map so he coverd the country from north to south telling us some hot spots. After this he kised out cheeks and we were out the door. Thats there way of shaking hands. Anyway after that we headed to Plamero wich was supposed to be a nicer part of the city. We got there kinda late, of course, so everthing that we wanted to see was we took the train back to our part of town. Arround this time is when we met Lucas he was the night shift guy at the hostel and he spoke english fairly well so we picked his brain a little on Argentina. He also busted out a map and showed us were we should be headding. He also taught us alot about the difference between the Buenos Aires people and the rest of the country. Apparently its like night and day. Good news for us. So we stayed up till about 4 in the morning chatting with him that night and then we headded off to out room. When we woke up we went out and grabed some Empanadas (delicious) and walked arround a little more worked on the tent a little more and tryed to get our camera fixed. Again not that much luck. So that night we were hanging out with some people at the hostel sharring knowlege of the world, and getting even more tips on were to go and were not to go. Lucas showed up arround 1 to tell us to get off the balcony cause the people next door tend to complain. The whole time on the balcony we could hear someone playing dums but we thought it was comming from the next building or something. We quickly learned that they were comming from inside the hostel bar, and it was the owner of the hostel, drunk out of his mind beatting on these drums, while most of the hostel was trying to sleep! So Sage and I wandered downstairs to check it out and heres Lucas (who has been an employee of the hostel for about a week) trying to get his own boss to stop playing the drums! Finaly after about 20 minuates or so he was sucessful. So the boss and his friend stayed in the bar side and Sage, Lucas and I hungout on the Hostel side. The boss would make an appearence once and a while, but only to try to stand up straight and not say a word then run back into the bar. Lucas was not happy and he decided that that night was going to be his last shift. We said our good buys to Lucas and headed upstairs at arround 6am to Grab some sleep before we left town on the ferry for Uruguay. We had also made prety good friends with a slyvakian man named Oggy and when it was time for the ferry he hung onto us till the bitter end, waking up from his sleep and flowing us right down to the taxi and seeing us off. He was a super nice guy, who hopes to come to canada so we might see him agian. Anyway we made it to the ferry without much trouble, got our tickets and set sail for a new country. The water of the river has about 1 inch of visability and we were headding to a beach community that on our map looked like it still could have been on the river. Not very exciting. After about 2 and a half hours af scooting along I could see a line in the water where one side was dirty and the other side was clear and just like that we were into the atlantic! We started getting closer to the shore where we could see beaches and golf courses and small communitys. Finaly we caught a shot of Montevideo. When we went thru the break water they seemd to be expanding there port which looked like quite a project, there were excavators lining the shore shoveling fill into the water. At the start the water just looked dirty, but with a closer look all you could see was oil on top of the water in the whole port and surrounding bay. It was super nasty. Wow this is getting long I will not be putting this oiff for this long ever again. So we seemed to get through the oil fine and docked, asked for a pen at the customs claim and isted of a getting us a pen the guy told us just to go thru. Sweet deal. We got a cab to a hostel in the middle of Plaza Indepencia, were theres a huge statue of a man on a horse. Im going to cut this off here so if the computer quits all wont be lost.

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