Sunday, February 15, 2009

We made it!!

Well we made it. It took what felt like forever but were here. Here being Ostinatto hostel in San Tablo (i think thats how to spell it) anyway its the "working class" area of B.A (Buenos Aires) The flight was long and cramped and extremly bumpy from Atlanta to B.A. the only real hightlight was seeing miami, cuba and a columbian city on the northen coast of south america other than that it was cloudy. We landed at 6:45am B.A time and i just recently learned that that is 5 hours ahead of P.S.T. We also learned that it was 12:30 pm when we were eatting dinner so its now 1:30am, no clocks to be found anywhere down here. After we landed getting through customs was a breeze, we then jumped in a taxi and headded straight for the hostel that looked the best in the book. The cab driver had no problem getting us here in half the time it should have taken, apparently speed limits, lanes and even stop signs dont matter down here. The landscape is very flat with lots of large fields that are very green, with thick thick brush stuck arround between firelds. The city is quite a sight to see, havent ventured to far from the hostel yet but what i have seen is quite unreal. The sidewalks are all beatup, falling appart with quite alot of garbage kickin arround. The streets are very narrow and made of cement or stone. Every car here has been in atleast one accedent. The buildings are tall and all concrete with the power lines just slung over the side of the building and little balconys everywhere. The room we are staying in is quite nice its got a bed and a bathroom with a shower, the only problem for me is the celing is very low in the bathroom and theres a beam running down the center of the room that hurts my head alot. Hopefully i have learned my lesson with that tho. Alright im going to go to bed and hopefully slip into the time change with ease. Talk to you soon. Orin

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