Monday, February 23, 2009


I cut if off so not to loose all my typing so you gotta read the lower post first for this to make any kinda sence. Montevideo has been great, the poeple here are so much nicer than across the river. The hostel is a little crummier but still is alright its realy loud so sleeping is a little tuff. The vibe here is a little more like vancouver were people move a little slower than B.A and arnt so creepy. Plus its way claner and way cooler (its always got a nice ocean breeze.) We have been planing to rent bikes for a few days but still havent got arround to it. Yesterday we went for a big walk down along there seawall and ended up at an ammusment park. We even rode the swinging ship, a few crazy spinny things and I even got Sage and some young local girl whos mom wouldnt go with her on the roller coaster, and Sage hates roller coasters. We both had alot of fun but it definatly made us feel a little wierd. We got some water and continued walking till we hit the big main beach, we just wanted to badly to see it but the time we got there we were so tired we jumped in a cab and went back to Plaza Indepencia, got some dinner, played some quater football on the table and went to bed. This morning we woke up a little late and decided agin to rent bikes tommorow (hopefully that will happen). We took a walk down to some restuarant and has some lunch. Eatting out here is way cheaper than buying grocerys, and it shows since the grocery stores are so tiny and tehres sooo many little places to eat. After that we walked out on the breakwater for the shipping yard. Today it was absolutly covered in people fishing on either side. No oil in the pan needed for cooking these fish! After that (i know this is getting long) we headded to the beach to just chill and thats exactly what we did, just sat on the beach for a few hours soaking up some sun. Sooo nice to finaly just relax outdoors in a clean environment. Im now sitting in a little cubicale in an internet center after making a lunch of salad bread, cheeze and meat, and im very tired of typing so im going to try to put some pictures up then go to bed. Good night all.

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