Friday, February 27, 2009

a few more hours till paradise.

So this tent smazzle is finaly comming to an end. We still dont have the tent but it is very close to us. Instead of delivering the tent they brought us a stack of papers that we need to take to the air port and pay twice the cost of the tent for customs fees! So we made some complaints to Fedex and with the help from the all mighty mom, hopefully it will get sent back to canada for free. Either way the boat company we used to get to Uruguay lost out tent poles so we are shit outta luck anyway. We are going to buy a new tent as soon as I am done this and be on our way to the countryside!

The last couple of days have been fun, despite the trouble we have been having. Nothing extremly exciting has hapened to talk about. Lots of hanging arround just enjoying this city before we go. We tried to leave yesterday but certin things got in the way. We are on our way to Cabo Polonia (not sure on that spelling) Its supposed to be some kinda old fishing goast town that is only accesable by jeeps. We are hoping to just pitch our tent beside some palm trees and relax for a few days. Apparently theres some realy neat things to see arround the area. Theres no power so I wont be blogging for a few days or so. Hope all is going well for everyone in canada i realy enjoy reading your comments. Im glad that someone was smart enough to send this link to the ¨Californians¨in the family. And im glad to hear from you guys. Isnt the warm weather great!!! sorry dad. Later Orin

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