Monday, February 16, 2009

Jet Legged.

today was a fairly dull day, trying to sleep last night was hell, hot, humid and just didnt feel like the right time to go to bed (could have been the esspresso shot the waiter at the resturant gave me and i felt guilty so i drank it) Sage was still up to see the sunrise and i dont think i was sleeping much before that, so it was arround 3 in the afternoon before we got out. We were both still feeling a little wierd so we took it easy again today, went out and found a bank got some pesos and then went and got some food at a little market. Its amazing how diferent the fruit is down here i have never tasted a banana like that before. We ate breafast in the street then wandered back to the hostel where we lazed arround a little more and worked on figuing out were we wanted to go next, and a little on getting the tent. Made some good pasta and squash at the hostel tonight and thats about it. looking forward to going out into the city tommorow and seeing what we can find. adios


  1. Dude. Aren't those bananas tasty little tendrils?? The tent is coming. Pam is should be sending it tomorrow!

  2. Ken and I are enjoying your blog and living your trip vicariously. Leanne is in Cuba visiting her boyfriends parents, returning to Brazil next week. She writes and sends photos on Facebook. Be safe. Stay aware of your immediate surroundings as you walk north. I know you know but I can't help myself saying it. Love, Dana and Ken

  3. Hello tentless travellers,

    I posted a comment but it went back to Orin's first entry.

    Because the UPI costs are so great,as I said, see what you can pick up there and I will help cover the costs as a Valentine's Day present. You know because I couldn't buy you chocolates!
    Take care, put on sunscreen, wear a hat, and drink some nice ARgentinian wine.
    Love mom